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    Guitar/Backing Vocals

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  • Biography

    Despite the prejudices surrounding the world of alternative metal, KLOGR exemplifies a band that has consistently captivated and retained its audience. With their next full-length album due out next winter, the band lives up to its name, returning to the scene with an impeccable album that pays attention to the smallest details and is rich in nuances and influences.

    Following their last album, Keystone (2017), which saw Klogr sharing the stage with bands such as The Rasmus, Infected Rain, and Butcher Babies, the band is finally ready to return with new music and a new tour.

    "Many things have happened in recent years that have slowed down the band's activity, personal problems and global situations that we all know. It took time for the new work, but I'm sure of one thing: never has so much energy been concentrated in a Klogr album. It was worth it, and we're ready to get back on the scene and stay there," says Rusty.

    Since their formation in 2011, KLOGR has relentlessly toured until 2020, conquering international stages and supporting acts like Prong, Limp Bizkit, Guano Apes, and Puddle of Mudd. In 2017, the band released a video capturing their intense live performances, featuring
    footage from ten shows with special guest Art Cruz.

    Klogr is set to ignite the European stages once again. Come winter 2024, they will demonstrate their uncontrollable power and energy, reaffirming their place in the alternative metal scene.